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How to Stay Safe and Have Fun Doing It with Angela Ferrante and Sam Rosenberg (Ep. 31)

How to Stay Safe and Have Fun Doing It with Angela Ferrante and Sam Rosenberg (Ep. 31)

Do you take your personal safety seriously? What indicators could you be putting out, telling unsavory characters you are a vulnerable target?

Discover with Josh Leonard, Angela Ferrante and their guest Sam Rosenberg, founder of Live Ready and the author of “Live Ready: A Guide to Protecting Yourself in an Uncertain World.” Sam debunks some common myths about helplessness and randomness in violence, sharing valuable advice on personal security and self-defense techniques.

Sam discusses: 

  • When does learned helplessness have an impact on society
  • Where can danger be recognized and managed
  • Why is it important to have a plan for personal safety
  • How can body language and threat indicators be read
  • And more


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About our Guest: 

Angela Ferrante is a 1987 graduate of Allegheny College with a degree in Economics and Finance. She started with Equitable Life as an insurance representative 2 weeks after graduation selling life and disability insurance to the medical community. By 2005 she was supervising 165 representatives in 4 states and running the brokerage side of the office which included the opening of accounts, research, trade placement, cashiering of upwards of $2 million per month, as well as her own client base. Angela became an Accredited Investment Fiduciary in 2015. Angela and Mark live in Somerset County where she enjoys skiing, hiking, biking and gardening.

Sam Rosenberg has been in the business of protecting people and organizations – and teaching them how to protect themselves – since 1996.

He is the Founder of Global Protective Services, Inc. (GPS) and Sam Rosenberg’s Academy of Personal Protection, both based in Pittsburgh, PA, which together provide comprehensive enterprise risk management, training, and executive protection services for clients globally.