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Empowering Women in Retirement: The Legacy of Barbara Hillary (Ep. 43)

Empowering Women in Retirement: The Legacy of Barbara Hillary (Ep. 43)

What’s your retirement adventure? Meet Barbara Hillary, the trailblazer who set foot on the North Pole at 76. Let’s explore her remarkable story!

In this special Women’s History Month episode, Josh Leonard and Yana Leonard, CIA, MBA, Director of Finance, share the incredible life story of Barbara Hillary, an inspiring woman who challenged herself to achieve the impossible. From battling cancer to conquering the North Pole at 76, Barbara’s journey is a testament to resilience and determination. Discover how she raised funds, trained rigorously, and embodied the spirit of adventure in retirement, inspiring others along the way. Get ready to be inspired to embrace new horizons and set audacious goals.

Josh and Yana discuss: 

  • How Barbara Hillary conquered the North Pole at 76 and later the South Pole
  • Overcoming health challenges and turning them into inspiration
  • The importance of finding purpose and adventure in retirement
  • Planning for the next chapter in life and empowering women to chase their dreams
  • Embracing new challenges and adventures in retirement
  • And more


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About our Guest: 

Yana Leonard, CIA, MBA, is the Director of Finance at Leonard Advisory Group. Ms. Leonard has held various finance roles within the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries. In her current role, Ms. Leonard delivers strategic recommendations and implements targeted solutions to drive business growth and optimize financial performance. Ms. Leonard earned a bachelor of arts degree in accounting and a minor in economics from Baldwin Wallace University and a masters of business administration (MBA) with a concentration in Accounting. She is a certified internal auditor (CIA). Ms. Leonard grew up in Solon, OH and resides in St. Joseph, MI with her husband Josh, their children, Eli and Isaac, and Layla, a golden retriever. In her spare time, she enjoys attending her kids’ extracurricular activities, traveling, volunteering, reading, and spending time at the lake with friends and family.