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Meet the Newest Member of Our Team: Pete Belcastro, CFP® (Ep. 27)

Meet the Newest Member of Our Team: Pete Belcastro, CFP® (Ep. 27)

Get to know another puzzle piece that intertwines perfectly in the Leonard Advisory Group’s growing team…

In this episode, Josh Leonard is joined by Pete Belcastro, Financial Planning Consultant at Leonard Advisory Group. Pete shares his journey from cold calling to becoming an investment banker and then a Certified Financial Planner. Pete also discusses his passion for outdoor activities and his dedication to community service. 

Josh and Pete chat about: 

  • Pete’s personal background, including being a Pittsburgh native and a sports fan
  • Pete’s career journey into the world of financial planning and investments
  • The importance of comprehensive financial planning
  • His other certified hat: a father and husband
  • His involvement in the Reading is Fundamental program, which promotes literacy among elementary school students in Pittsburgh
  • And more


Connect with Pete Belcastro: 

Connect with Josh Leonard: 

About our Guest: 

Pete is a seasoned Financial Planning professional with over 15 years of diverse experience in financial, business, sales, and marketing domains. Presently, Pete serves as a financial planner, specializing in helping clients make decisions that align with their current and future financial requirements. His extensive career includes roles as an independent advisor, a registered assistant, and a licensed banker, providing him with a broad spectrum of financial expertise.

Pete’s belief in the value of a multifaceted background is rooted in his conviction that it enables him to offer clients a distinctive and ultimately more effective perspective when it comes to future planning and goal setting. He firmly believes that a comprehensive understanding, not just of financial matters but also of clients and their individual needs and desires, is the cornerstone of a robust financial plan. This holistic approach underscores his commitment to delivering the strongest financial solutions for his clients.