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Don’t Let Taxes Crash Your Party – How to Maximize Your Tax Savings with Pete Belcastro, CFP® (Ep. 40)

Don’t Let Taxes Crash Your Party – How to Maximize Your Tax Savings with Pete Belcastro, CFP® (Ep. 40)

Tax time is near. Nobody wants to pay taxes, but we have to, so let’s talk about how we can maximize our tax savings.

In this episode, Josh Leonard and Pete Belcastro, Financial Planner at Leonard Advisory Group, talk about tax planning. They share tips for filing taxes this year and some ways to help reduce taxation in the future and be more tax-efficient. Josh and Pete cover the importance of reporting interest from savings accounts, accurately reporting capital gains from stock sales, and the benefits of qualified charitable distributions. 

Their conversation also includes strategies for making HSA and IRA contributions to reduce taxable income and the significance of conducting a thorough tax analysis for future savings. Additionally, Josh and Pete explore the pros and cons of traditional versus Roth 401(k)s, tax diversification, Roth conversions, and managing capital gains and charitable giving. They also discuss handling sudden income increases and the use of donor-advised funds for tax-efficient charitable contributions.

Josh and Pete discuss:

  • Importance of reporting interest earned on savings accounts and capital gains from stock sales for tax purposes
  • Qualified charitable distributions as a tax-efficient way to donate to charities
  • Tax implications of qualified accounts and making direct contributions to charities from these accounts
  • Opportunity to make HSA and IRA contributions before the tax filing deadline to lower taxable income
  • Benefits of traditional 401(k) versus Roth 401(k) contributions
  • Strategies for managing capital gains and charitable giving as part of comprehensive tax planning
  • Importance of proactive tax planning and practical advice for optimizing tax strategies
  • And more


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