Retiring With Intent (Ep. 2)

Retiring With Intent (Ep. 2)

Retirement looks different for many people. For some, it might be slowing down, taking your foot off the gas, and leaning back into a more relaxed lifestyle. For others, it may be continuing to work part-time but focusing on passions rather than a career. An intentional retirement can kickstart this process for you through planning ahead early and identifying your goals. 

In this episode, Josh Leonard details the retirement planning process at Leonard Advisory Group. He explains how they mentor and guide their clients by the breakdown of INTENT – I (yourself), Needs, Taxes, Endowment, Navigating Financial Tools, and the Team helping you through this process. 

Josh discusses: 

  • What needs and wants to identify when planning your retirement 
  • How you can start saving at a young age while simultaneously being able to enjoy your money
  • Important questions to ask yourself before creating your retirement plan
  • The three-bucket approach to dealing with finances 
  • And more


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