Leaving a Legacy Through Audio Memoirs with Daniel Powell (Ep. 6)

Leaving a Legacy Through Audio Memoirs with Daniel Powell (Ep. 6)

Do you ever wonder about how people will think of you or remember you once you have passed away? Is it important for you to leave behind a story or personal anecdote that you feel defines your life? 

In this episode, Daniel Powell from Liminal Legacy Media is here to talk about legacy planning and the different ways you can create this legacy that can be shared for years to come. From creating an audio memoir to offering your family the expertise that you have perfected in your lifetime, it is time to start thinking about what you might want to leave behind for your family to remember you by. 

Daniel discusses: 

  • What an audio memoir entails and the value of capturing one as part of your total legacy plan
  • What a legacy plan looks like beyond just finances 
  • The ideal age to start recording audio memoirs
  • How you can leave a positive mark on your family through the years of experience you have to offer 
  • And more


Connect with Daniel Powell:

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About our Guest: 

Daniel Powell is an audio producer and storyteller based in Fort Collins, Colorado. He’s the founder and owner of Liminal Legacy Media, a business that partners with individuals entering their golden years. He works with his clients to capture their life stories, share their legacy with loved ones, and of course, preserve those tales for the life of generations to come.

What he does with a client is he works to create an immersive audio memoir focused on their life experience. The audio memoir is a documentary centered on their life experiences. These productions don’t just explain your story to loved ones, but it helps immerse them in your experience and gives you a unique firsthand insight into their lives.

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