Transitioning into Retirement with Jerome Myers (Ep. 17)

Transitioning into Retirement with Jerome Myers (Ep. 17)

Getting stuck doing the things that you’ve always done just because you’ve always done them is one of the biggest atrocities of life. We have an opportunity each day to make something new and you should make the most of it.

In this episode, Josh Leonard brings on Jerome Myers to talk about one of the biggest lifetime transitions, transitioning into retirement. Jerome goes over the key areas of finding your next chapter in life and explains the significance of an “and” instead of an “or” lifestyle, the importance of prioritizing authenticity, how you can find your next mission in life, and how silence can help you find clarity.

Jerome discusses: 

  • Why he started to help people with exit planning and transitioning into retirement
  • The key areas of finding your next chapter 
  • The significance of an “and” lifestyle instead of an “or” lifestyle
  • Why it’s important to prioritize being your true, authentic self in all aspects of your life
  • How he helps people discover their next mission in life
  • How finding silence and peace can help you find clarity
  • And more


Connect with Jerome Myers:

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About our Guest: 

Jerome Myers is an award-winning engineer, investor, mentor, and business strategist who helps founders navigate their Exit Paradox through his masterminds and coaching programs.  

Prior to leaving his corporate leadership position, Jerome built a $20 million, 175-person division of a Fortune 550 company from scratch.  He now uses his project management, engineering, and business expertise to advise business leaders on key areas such as leadership strategy, process improvement, sales and data analytics in real estate, financial services, business services, and health care to help his clients double their revenue, time off and charitable giving.

Jerome is also a general partner in a multifamily real estate portfolio and serves on the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Entrepreneurship Advisory Board. 

In 2022, Jerome won the prestigious alumni achievement award for the North Carolina A and T State University College of Engineering where a fully endowed scholarship has been created in his family’s name.  A noted media expert, Jerome has been featured in Business Insider, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur, Biznow, CBS, ABC, and Fox.

Jerome has interviewed numerous newly exited operators (NEOs) on his top-ranked Dreamcatchers podcast which provides inspiration, education, and direction to his audience of founders who are building companies to sell after they exit the “Matrix”.

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