Mastering Financial Literacy in Your Golden Years (Ep. 48)

Mastering Financial Literacy in Your Golden Years (Ep. 48)

Are you ready to greet retirement with a well-prepared smile?

Welcome to the Relax, It’s Retirement podcast, where we dive into mastering financial literacy in your golden years. This episode, featuring Josh Leonard and Pete Belcastro, zooms in on transitioning into retirement with intent. They explore practical tips for income and budget planning in April’s Financial Literacy Month, highlighting ways to navigate the shift from a steady paycheck to managing retirement funds. Through engaging discussions and real-life examples, you will glean insights into making informed decisions for a fulfilling retirement.

Josh and Pete discuss: 

  • Understanding income and budgeting in retirement
  • Navigating the transition from receiving regular paychecks to retirement income planning
  • Strategies for managing expenses and creating effective budgets
  • Addressing the impact of healthcare expenses during retirement
  • And more


Connect with Josh Leonard: 

Connect with Pete Belcastro: 

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