Practical Tips for Traveling (Ep. 22)

Practical Tips for Traveling (Ep. 22)

Dreaming of world travel but unsure how to do it safely?

In this episode, Josh Leonard dives into how you can transition into a retirement life filled with safe, intentional travel. Learn how to embrace the excitement of exploring new places while also ensuring your safety, health, and financial well-being.

We’ll cover:

  • Blending in and maintaining a low profile while traveling
  • The importance of having an emergency plan and what it should include
  • The essentials of a travel first aid kit
  • The need for short-term travel insurance and its implications
  • Why digital copies of your important documents are vital and how to securely manage them
  • The pros and cons of solo travel and maintaining connections back home
  • Strategies to stay sharp, alert, and aware, minimizing risks during your travels
  • The significance of an emergency cash stash and how it can be a lifesaver
  • And more!


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