Are You Thinking About Un-Retiring? (Ep. 21)

Are You Thinking About Un-Retiring? (Ep. 21)

Retirement just isn’t what it used to be.  

In this episode, Josh Leonard discusses the concept of “unretirement” and finding a mission in the next phase of life. They challenge the conventional understanding of retirement, discussing the potential pitfalls, tax implications, and the emotional aspects of stepping away from a lifelong career.

Josh unpacks:

  • The future of retirement and how individuals are seeking purpose beyond the paycheck
  • Caution against claiming social security too early due to potential repayments
  • Reasons why individuals return to the workforce post-retirement
  • The emotional aspects of work: finding a mission, purpose, and social connection
  • How work can serve as a gateway to community involvement
  • Tax implications of relocating during retirement
  • And more!


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