Mastering Financial Literacy in Your Golden Years: Part 2 (Ep. 50)

Mastering Financial Literacy in Your Golden Years: Part 2 (Ep. 50)

Transitioning into retirement could feel just as sunny and relaxed as a perfect summer day, but like spending a day in the sun, you’ve got to plan for all weather factors when it comes to retirement or risk feeling a little burned.

Today on Relax, It’s Retirement, Josh Leonard and Pete Belcastro delve into part two of financial literacy for your golden years with a focus on government benefits and tax planning. In addition to managing required minimum distributions and the timing of Social Security benefits, the conversation also navigates through estate planning and the considerations for relocating or downsizing in retirement. Listen in to empower yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to embrace retirement with confidence and intention.

Josh and Pete discuss: 

  • Maneuvering the complexities of required minimum distributions (RMDs) and their impact on your taxes
  • Strategic insights into optimizing Social Security benefits based on individual working and earning scenarios.
  • The importance of updating beneficiaries and how simple changes can drastically influence estate planning
  • Navigating the decisions surrounding relocation or downsizing in retirement, including tax implications and quality of life considerations
  • And more


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